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Destination Guide: Miami, Florida

Chock-full of vibrant art deco buildings, boutique hotels, sun-kissed beaches, and Latin American culture, Miami is a unique tourist wonderland that has a little something for everyone. Visas4usa has rounded up the top 10 things to do and in this wonderfully action-packed city.

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Top 5 must-visit cities in the states

So, you’re set on travelling to America. But where are you going to go? America is so big and beautiful it’s hard to put your finger on one city alone. So, why not explore? Once you’ve got your ESTA, America is your oyster! Below is some of the USA’s must-visit cities in a nutshell…

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Destination Guide – New York City

What better way to experience America than to visit “the city that never sleeps?” New York bursts full of business and historical landmarks and endless attractions and has become one of America’s most iconic tourist destinations that welcomes a regular influx of visitors from all over the globe. Knee deep in rich history and boundless beauty, this vibrant city exudes a real cultural and atmospheric aura; there’s no place quite the same as New York City.

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Travelling to the USA – what will you need?

The USA is a beautiful, cultural and vibrant country that attracts tourists from all over the globe; so no wonder you want to go! There are so many things to think about when booking a holiday, business trip or quick getaway – luckily for you, Visas4USA has put together a  few handy tips to remember when packing as well as information regarding the entry requirements to the states… Read the rest of this entry »

Why not apply for an ESTA and head to the USA's culturally beautiful capital?

Are you thinking about making a trip to America but not sure where to visit? Whether it’s for a family holiday, quick business trip or romantic getaway then be sure to explore America’s beautiful and wonderfully unique capital, Washington D.C. Bursting full of historical cultural and political diversity, Washington D.C. is a planned city meticulously designed by the creative French-born architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

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An Introduction to ESTA's

Thinking of travelling to the USA? Whether you’re visiting family for a short period, going for business reasons or simply for a quick getaway, it is vital that you have a valid ESTA issued by the American Government prior to entry. Luckily, Visas4USA can help you out!

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