Travelling to the USA – what will you need?

The USA is a beautiful, cultural and vibrant country that attracts tourists from all over the globe; so no wonder you want to go! There are so many things to think about when booking a holiday, business trip or quick getaway – luckily for you, Visas4USA has put together a  few handy tips to remember when packing as well as information regarding the entry requirements to the states…

What will I need?

If you’ve got your sights set on the states then it’s always good to know what to pack and how to prepare before you go! Above anything, you’ll need an ESTA if you’re thinking about travelling to the USA. Visas4USA can provide you with a valid ESTA from just £10 usually within 24 hours. Besides, if you haven’t got one, you’ll be refused travel to the USA! Why not apply online for one today? Please note that The ESTA does not guarantee entry into the United States; that decision rests with the immigration official at the Port of Entry.

Now that’s sorted, Travel Insurance should be the next thing on your mind. Although not compulsory, it’s always advised that you are covered for any incident whilst on your travels just in case anything does go wrong – better to be safe than sorry! Visas4USA recommends Essential Travel for all your travel insurance needs.

Tips for packing

  • Keep your documents safe. The last thing you want to do is lose your ESTA, passport, money and other documents before even getting to the airport! Keep these in your hand luggage and keep an eye on these at all times. Your hand luggage is the safest place they could be as it will be strapped to your arm or back most of the time. Super tip: in the unfortunate event that you do lose any of your documents, it’s good to scan your passport and tickets and keep these details in your email account which can be easily accessed if they do go missing. Alternatively, you can contact the British Embassy in the USA –
  • Keep your luggage safe. If your luggage ever went missing, it could be easily recovered if it has your personal details on the suitcase label. Super tip: If you’re feeling super efficient, it’s a brilliant idea to pop your details onto a sticky label and putting this on the inside of your suitcase just in case the outside label goes missing!
  • Less folding, more rolling. For some strange reason, it seems that rolling your clothes as opposed to folding them gives you more room in your suitcase. It even lowers the chances of your clothes getting creased! Super tip: Once packed, lay a beach towel or coat on top of your clothes and tuck it into the sides to stop anything rolling about while your case is getting moved around.
  • Don’t go overboard with the toiletries. There’s going to be plenty of stores to buy toiletries from in America so there’s no need to buy the entire contents of your local drug store before you travel. Toiletries also weigh more than you think and will take up quite a lot of your baggage allowance. Super tip: wrap any toiletries in a towel so if they leak, the towel will absorb anything and your clothes won’t get ruined.
  • Pack clothes for all climates. Weather may be unpredictable in the USA depending on where you’re travelling to, so it’s worthwhile packing a few jumpers as well as a few bikinis! 

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