Travelling to the USA: Money and costs

Even for the most experienced and money-cautious traveller, travelling to America can often tempt you with plenty of ways to burn out the budget. That’s why it’s worthwhile taking note of ways which will help you reduce the amount you spend whilst visiting America; Visas4USA talk money and costs…


If you’re already staying with family or friends then accommodation won’t be a problem for you. Likewise, if you’ve gone through a travel agent then your flights may come with suitable accommodation! If you’re looking at sorting your accommodation once you’ve arrived in America then prepare yourself for the potential costs:

A ‘midrange’ hotel may cost from anywhere between $80 and $250, whereas in some cities, clean accommodation can start from as much as $200. Therefore, if you’re travelling on a budget, consider stopping in a hostel or camping. Besides, a hostel can cost as little as $15 per night! Although this may mean cooking your own meals and forfeiting a few luxuries for the sake of a few pennies, you’re still guaranteed to have a fantastic experience, wherever you are in America. This also means you’ll have more money left over for spending on other things, such as nice meals out or day trips.

Getting around

Again, depending on your budget, you can experience America through various ways of travel. Plan the ultimate American road trip and rent a car: rental only is a minimum of $40 a day but you need to take fuel costs into consideration. Wherever you are in America, there’s sure to be a taxi, bus or rental company nestled somewhere nearby! Buses are the cheapest way to get around America, so make sure you understand the routes; get a local to direct you in the right place!


Remember to get your currency converted into US dollars before you travel. It is, after all, the only currency accepted in America. Not sure how the US dollar works? 1 US dollar (1$) is the equivalent to 100 cents (100 ¢). Coins come in denominations 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ and the 1$ coin, whereas notes come in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and sometimes $2.

ATMS are available in most banks, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports and casinos. If your card is affiliated with one of the main ATM networks then you’ll escape the $1-$3 charge.


Whether you’re planning to travel to the USA for business or pleasure, you must have a valid ESTA issued by the American Government prior to entry.

Order your ESTA through Visas4USA for just £10, plus a tiny $14 USA Government issuing fee.

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