Destination Guide: California – The Golden State

Nestled on the West Coast of the United States, sunny California invites you to take advantage of its sun-kissed beaches, mega-theme parks, well-known attractions and its collection of exquisite wineries. There’s so much to explore in the Golden State that you’ll be spoilt for choice…

San Francisco

Oozing with cosmopolitan edge, there’s no doubt that San Francisco is one of America’s most treasured urban gems, just like equally glorious city of New York. This world-class city offers a whole medley of stunning attractions and sights as well as a level of infinite culture that inspires all those who visit this historical city. By day, San Francisco is a canvas of pure beauty set amongst a conglomeration of multi-layered hills and by night, it transforms into an atmospheric wonderland, pumping with the most magical nightlife.

San Francisco’s elevated hills have appeared in numerous films and television shows over the years, which adds to the city’s unique diversity. You can get around San Francisco by bus, cab or tram or simply by foot – you could wonder down around the outskirts and admire the pure beauty of America’s urban masterpiece. It’s also the gay capital of America and the core of the dot-com industry.

The must-sees of San Francisco include Chinatown, teeming with markets, restaurants and countless shops. The bustling atmosphere here is truly electrifying; the bustling streets of Chinatown are like no other. Chinatown’s hotspots include Lychee Garden and House of Nanking. Never pass up on the opportunity to visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the equally sensational Alcatraz Island; both can be easily reached and both of these fabulous attractions are hugely recommended.

Head down to Fisherman’s Wharf where you’re sure to find a whole cluster of sea lions in additional to a collection of great shops, restaurants and museums. If you visit Fisherman’s Wharf in the morning then wonder down “Fish Alley” and see the Fisherman hard at work while they set up their vendors, packed with fresh fish and delectable shellfish.


280 miles north of San Francisco rests the wonderful City of Eureka, one of California’s best-kept secrets. Home to the popularly unique beverages of the Lost Coast Brewery (including ales, stouts and beers), Eureka is a city that is sometimes left behind. The truth is though; it boasts spectacular scenery and plenty of interesting shops.

Wine Tasting

California is renowned for its fine wine and a full wine tasting experience could provide you with the perfect ending to your holiday. There are countless wineries across California, but mostly surrounding San Francisco. Take a trip to Lake County where you can ‘nose and swirl’ before relaxing on Clear Lake and absorbing the Golden State’s fabulous rays. Napa Valley is also a must-see, where you can enjoy a whole medley of flavourful wine. The Valley has become immensely popular due to the success of the film Sideways, which has made Lake Valley truly atmospheric but not overcrowded.

Shasta County, Central Valley, Central Coast and of course, Los Angeles, are also places that burst full of character and diversity. Whether you’re planning to visit in California, you’re sure to find something to suit you. Before whizzing off to the Golden State, remember to apply for your ESTA or you won’t be allowed entry into America. Visas4USA can provide you with an ESTA Visa, simply apply online today!

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